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Vanuit zijn achtergrond als ex-dagblad journalist, werkt Elzo Springer nog 'op de achtergrond' aan enkele projecten.

Voornaamste daarvan is de Deventer moordzaak Mahmut Bilgili uit februari 1987. Een moord die een relatie kan hebben met de moord op de Zweedfse premier Olof Palme (februari 1986) en de vrijlating van een grote groep verdachten in Zweden (januari 1987, kort voor de dood van Bilgili).
Inmiddels is in dat onderzoek in beeld wie betrokken waren bij de moord op Bilgili en wie van die betrokkenen ook in beeld was in het Palme-onderzoek.

Does Sweden want to solve the Palme murder?

Why was Olof Palme killed and: why were Swedish investigators not able to solve the murder? Even after 30 years it seems that the investigators don't want to do their job anymore.

At this page you find news from the Dutch investigators Elzo Springer (former journalist) and Dolf van Soest (former leader of Dutch murdersquad of the police). They investigated for years and visited the 25 Years Memorial in Stockholm at February 28 2011. Here you find latest updates. Video-interviews and -documentaries you find at

LATEST NEWS: Insiders surprised by details in warningletter that was sent to the police in Norrkoping in 1985. It mentions interesting details, they say.

Dutch connection

Already in 1987 (one year after the murder of Olof Palme), Dutch policechief Dolf van Soest mentioned a possible connection with the Netherlands. Het investigated a Dutch murdercase and concluded: the man who was killed in the Netherlands 'may have known too much about the Palme murder'.

Open Letter to the Swedish government

"Recently we visited your country again.

It had to do with the 25th “anniversary” of the Palme-killing and possible commemorations, but mainly with the “climate” around the investigation in which our efforts got no attention. Unjust, from our point of view and astonishing in connection with 25 years of investigation without result !
But first: who are we and what’s our interest ?
We, Elzo Springer, journalist and Dolf van Soest, former leader of a Murder Squad in Holland, worked many years on a partly solved Dutch murder case (Mahmut Bilgili, a Kurdish lawyer/1987) and the analysed link between that case and the Olof Palme killing (1986).
As it’s undisputed that the Bilgili-case has a PKK nature (we identified 5 Kurdish suspects), the consequence of the proven link is that the Palme-killing is also a PKK-Kurdish affair !
Because of that observation we had a lot of talks in Sweden during many years.
Time and time again we were confronted with the position that the possibility of a PKK-involvement in the Palme-case is ruled out by police-investigation !

In reality – many insiders/experts we met, agree – that investigation against the PKK has prematurely been stopped by clashes between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Palme-team leadership (January 87).
This means that nothing was proven, neither guilt nor innocence.
A corresponding reality is that the unexpected release of the suspects not only gave reason for a big party but also formed the go ahead to find out who was responsible for the suspicions/arrests.
3 weeks later (!) Mahmut Bilgili, who was knowledgeable about PKK-activities, was executed (killed after a violent interrogation).

Finally this:
- Further investigations after the clashes in 1987 didn’t take place or          had no honest chance. It took a year f.e. before team members went to Turkey to have talks with Abd. Öcalan who withdraw his original denying of a PKK role in the Palme-murder
- happily the period of “pulling the wool over people’s eyes” (with the help of Chr. Pettersson) is over.
- we too applaud initiatives to reopen the Palme-case…… with a broad outlook ! The government than can make clear if they want or are allowed to solve the case.

We are ready to give more explanation.

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Secret phonecalls

During  our years of investigations we received lots of information. Secret information from for instance legal phonetaps and observations made in the years 1982-1989.

* "Jag sköt honom i ruggen" (from a phonecall Sweden-Germany, the day after the murder)
* Suspect announces "a historical order" (12-11-1985)
* Announcement to head of Säpo that 'someone is going to kill Palme' (2 weeks before the killing)
* Repeated announcement ("They are going to kill someone") at 25th of Febrary 1986 to Säpo-boss Nass

Questions that remain, like:
* Why did nobody respond to the warningletter that was send in november 1985 (months before the killing) to the police?
* Why did SäPO not warn Palme, although several secret-agents told their boss that their was a killing to come?
* How about the South Africa trace?
* Does the killer still live( in Sweden)?
* Why is Swedish press not acting active?